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Parallel your body's nutritional needs whilst training with that of a race car - it requires the finest equipment and premium grades of fuel to run efficiently.  You must fuel your body and strength-building efforts with high quality foods and supplements to maximize performance and muscle.  The alternative is gunking up your system with greasy, sugary elements that add more to your waistline, and reduces your ability to burn off the access waste.

The four basic tenets of athlete nutrition are still effective after decades of research.

  • 5 or 6 meals a day equally time spaced

  • Lean protein sources to build and repair muscle

  • Complex carbs to fuel energy

  • Dietary fats that are limited in quantity for energy and hormone production

For those who are on a training regimen associated with body building, athletics, employment and work-outs don't exactly make for lots of spare time so enter CHEF IN THE GYM - a program of chef-prepared meals, designed by your trainer, cooked and prepared for your personal program and stored in your fridge and freezer.

Your Chef in the Gym will:

Come to your home -prepare and cook the meals - seal, label and store the meals - provide instructions on defrosting cycle, refrigeration shelf life and reheating methods OR choose from a specified menu, prepared by our chef and available for pickup.


Chef Prepared Meals for pickup - Menu and Order Form
Chef Prepared 14 meals in the home plus Groceries - Order Form $125 + Tax
Chef Prepared 28  meals in the home plus Groceries - Order Form $175 + Tax

Sample Plates



TANYA from Miramichi says, "I've re-ordered because I like the convince of not having to think of what meals to prepare. Having a young child at home, as a mother, sometimes we tend to just grab and go, not always getting the best nutrition ourselves.  The meals are properly prepared, I get a diversity of healthy foods, that I like, and most importantly there is portion control."  


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